Wednesday, January 18, 2012


     I think this is the obligatory post that most people have to do. If  you post videos of video games, music, or any copyrighted material, you should completely be against this. There's so much wrong with the government being able to block a website that has been embedded with copyrighted material. If you've been reading, obviously this is my blog as well.

     Today seems to be a big day the internet. If you've tried Wikipedia, Cyanide and Happiness, and a few others, you'll see it's "blacked out". I know there was suspicion that Facebook and Google were going to do this as well. I haven't heard anything from Facebook, and I know Google blacked out their logo. I like Google's idea, seeing the blackout is a reminder, "I'm here for a reason. I wanted to look something up that I had seen before." The blackout makes you think, "What if I didn't have the ability to instantly look up information?" Wikias could be gone, pictures and ideas from video games that are on Wikias are copyrighted. (How else am I going to know everything about Fallout: New Vegas!?)

     I ran into a friend of a friend today that had never heard of SOPA, and he apparently lived on the internet. Supposedly. Today's a good day for the people who don't live on the internet to realize what's happening.

     Google gives you the ability to input a few pieces of information, (email, First / Last name, zip code). How they use your information: 

     "Your first name and last initial may be published publicly as part of the petition to Congress. Your email address may be used to send you updates on SOPA/PIPA and other Internet policy initiatives. Your zip code is used to display the groundswell across the country and inform the appropriate members of Congress for your district and state. That’s it. Your personal information is in no way connected to any other Google services or Google account."

     That's it. Do it, you won't.


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  1. Just six days left until they vote on it. Lets hope all that we're doing will help kill this bill!

  2. Yea, I really think it's great that many people write about it, makes it more available and hopefully people realize that it must be voted down.

  3. I am certain that it will be killed. :)

  4. ... i just can watch i'm not american but i know that gonne have repercution on canada