Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Mainstream" music.

     I don't want to sound self-serving here, (especially on a "hipster" basis), but I notice how I tend to gravitate towards things that aren't main stream, in basically any medium. (Except for Video games, I don't understand that one.) 

     Anyway, I think people who actually read books are in the same position. I feel like I'm actually pushed away from things like the Hunger Games because everyone is reading it. People who don't read books, are reading it. It's amazing how many people say, "Nah, I don't like books," or "Yeah, I read books. I read Harry Potter, right?," and then they read the next big book. Something similar happens with music.

     This might be my pretentiousness of being a musician, but people who's music library only consists of LMFAO and Breathe Carolina, there's something wrong. I remember reading on a blog one time, "Just because it's the way that everyone does it, doesn't mean it's the best way to do it,"(Steve Pavlina, I believe) and I think that can be applied to many situations.

     I'd venture to say the vast majority of people listen to music, and would say they enjoy music. They have the music they listen to, but just like reading the popular books of the time, listening to popular music of the time. I can't blame people for that, it's been the way of the world for God knows how long. But the point of this blog entry is to hopefully create a realization, that people are not exiting their comfort zone. 

     So I propose a challenge: exit your comfort zone. Listen to something new, something different. I believe I've found a direction for this blog, that music that's kind of hidden in the background. Of course there will be deviation, but the hope is to experience things, new music, like new foods.

     For the people who couldn't listen to the previous blog, here's a youtube video of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games".

Have a musical day!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lana Del Rey

Lately I've been into someone I had never heard of before, again, something my friend introduced me to. It's been really great to listen to, such as the whole "Video Games," things like that. I would put it on an just relax, just lay. Turn in on quiet enough and it's great to fall asleep to, nothing disrupting. I hope you guys find the same interest as I did!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Google Music

Google Music

     Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while. I recently started using Google Music. I know that this came out a while ago, but it never hurt to reinforce the idea.

     The reason I began using Google Music is because I now work on 3 separate computers, and an iPhone (Which has way too much data on it all ready). So, keeping everything on the internet works very well! :D The whole "online music" craze really started, things like Spotify and GrooveShark work, but I am a Google fanboy, so I decided to.

     What's your preference on storing music elsewhere? How do you listen to your music everywhere? 

Have a musical day!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unconventional Ambiance

     I began reading Azumanga a while back. It's a very large manga, so it took me a while to get through it. This then jogged my interest as to what the anime would be like.

     The anime: Great! But there was something that always stood out to be a little more odd than usual.

     As you may have guessed, the music! The music from Azumanga Daioh is completely unconventional. Instruments that are not normally used are used: reed flutes are combined with accordions, tubas, timpani's, to anything! The genre varies from a light rock to dischordal and atonal music, to random sound effects. 

     But, it worked! When going back and matching the manga to the anime, I could easily see how all of this music fit! 

     If you're interested in nontraditional music, this is a great thing to check out! 

Have a musical day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII

     Hey guys! You'll never guess what game I started playing. That's right, Fallout:New Vegas!

     Obviously just kidding. I got FF:XIII on Tuesday, and I've had mixed feelings about it. I've played (And beaten!) all the Final Fantasies, excluding Tactics Advance 2, 3, 4, (Or whatever that mix-up was. I stopped caring at some point), and the Crystal Chronicles.

     So the unfortunate part is that playing this game feels like a bad habit. I have to, because I've been conditioned to play Final Fantasy. You fall in love with the series, and you hope and dream it comes back to being amazing.

     As far as the game play, the biggest negative about it is that it's very linear. Being used to the exploring abilities of Final Fantasies, this took me by surprise. About half-way through the second disc is when it becomes a little less linear, but the element is still there. The combat system is done very well, it's one of the big positives.

     But now one of the cool parts, how beautiful the game is. It's not crazy graphic intensive, but it looks nice. The feel of the menu systems is hugely graphic oriented. When selecting through the menus, everything clicks and works seamlessly. Running around, the camera angles are off to the side just a little bit, it makes it seem like every close up can be used as a wallpaper. All of the environments are magical, more similar to X then XII.

     And now my favorite part: the music. I had heard some of the pieces on an internet radio, which initially interested me in the game, (I wasn't going to get it, but $20 nowadays is much more reasonable). Every piece makes me feel like I can use it and fall asleep to, and relax all day long with it. There's an even level of ambiance with just enough interest to keep me wanting to continue through the game, which works beautifully for the environment, making playing through the game is more of a relaxing experience. The idleness of being able to play this game is a nice change of pace.

     It's nontraditional in a normal sense of Final Fantasy, in that it wasn't what I expected, but if you're up for a new experience, check it out! $20 at Best Buy. ;)

Have a musical day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


     I think this is the obligatory post that most people have to do. If  you post videos of video games, music, or any copyrighted material, you should completely be against this. There's so much wrong with the government being able to block a website that has been embedded with copyrighted material. If you've been reading, obviously this is my blog as well.

     Today seems to be a big day the internet. If you've tried Wikipedia, Cyanide and Happiness, and a few others, you'll see it's "blacked out". I know there was suspicion that Facebook and Google were going to do this as well. I haven't heard anything from Facebook, and I know Google blacked out their logo. I like Google's idea, seeing the blackout is a reminder, "I'm here for a reason. I wanted to look something up that I had seen before." The blackout makes you think, "What if I didn't have the ability to instantly look up information?" Wikias could be gone, pictures and ideas from video games that are on Wikias are copyrighted. (How else am I going to know everything about Fallout: New Vegas!?)

     I ran into a friend of a friend today that had never heard of SOPA, and he apparently lived on the internet. Supposedly. Today's a good day for the people who don't live on the internet to realize what's happening.

     Google gives you the ability to input a few pieces of information, (email, First / Last name, zip code). How they use your information: 

     "Your first name and last initial may be published publicly as part of the petition to Congress. Your email address may be used to send you updates on SOPA/PIPA and other Internet policy initiatives. Your zip code is used to display the groundswell across the country and inform the appropriate members of Congress for your district and state. That’s it. Your personal information is in no way connected to any other Google services or Google account."

     That's it. Do it, you won't.


</obligatory SOPA blog>

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


     Hey guys! It was just a few days ago when I was watching the Packers get stomped (Sad day, btw), and it made me think about little jingles, that we hear all the time in media. Such as, NFL on FOX. Everyone's heard it. 

     So if a corporation keeps this theme for years and years, and the person who wrote it acquires commission for it, that's a small, tiny income. What's neat about that is, you write another piece and sell it for commission, and that income is now on top of the previous income.

     It's "passive" income, as opposed to "active" income. I do something, and keep acquiring money, and it's amazing how many different types of passive income there are. Just because most people have a 9-5 work job doesn't mean it's the best way of making money.

     So my challenge to you is to find what you enjoy doing, and try to figure out how to make it passive income! Such as writing commercial jingles. :P

Have a musical day!