Monday, January 9, 2012

A little more about me.

     In the "About me" section, there's this awesome disclaimer that says posts may or may not always be about music in media, so you gotta give me that, huh? :D

     The purpose for this post is just to explain my awesome school schedule. I have classes basically 8:30-3:30, then 6-8:30 on M/W/F with two, one hour breaks in between somewhere, and T/TH are basically free. There's one class, called Music Forum where you go and show up, but you only have to go so many times a semester and there's outside credit, (such as concerts, other performances of music) that I have gotten every semester to replace it, so we're good!

     Because of my un-happy M/W/F, I've decided on on something that will help with making this a more functioning blog. I taped a piece of paper to my wall, right behind (But still visible) my screen! It's divided into two columns, "Yes!" and "Ideas". "Yes!" is where I put the topics that I have all ready, preemptively written posts. The "Ideas" is self-explanatory, so cool! :D The idea is to be one day ahead, at least, all the time. T/TH are my good days for writing, but I'll try to keep it updated and fresh. Because of this, I was capable of posting something today! Yay!

Have a musical day!