Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hans Zimmer and The Dark Knight

     (This was the blog I had written from a few days ago which I had trouble posting in the order I wanted it to appear. ;P)

     All righty guys, well it wouldn't be fun if I only talked about the good happy things in Music and Media!  The above picture is a picture of the guy we all know, (Especially and coincidentally, if you read my first blog) the musical genius Hans Zimmer. The preface of this is, well, I think he's a musical genius and probably somewhere close to 500x smarter than many of the musicians I know, including myself. 

     My friend Bryan had showed me a video not too long ago, I think any movie soundtrack / OST / music buff in general would enjoy viewing.

     I'm sure you have your own opinions of the guy, and this video brings up a lot of valid points that I agree with. I believe that the music samples are too similar to dismiss that there's a connection. What I want to say is I actually support Hans Zimmer in this. Sure, he looked at someone else's work, but he found that it can be manipulated just enough to fit his need, musicians do it all the time.

     Some instances are the inspiration for all of the Star Wars music, by John Williams. How about Metallica, in their song Don't Tread On Me? The first few bars are directly quoting a song from the musical West Side Story, America. From West Side Story, the song Tonight (Quintet and Chorus) is direct homage to Mozart! 

     The "Mozart" thing to do is during an opera, to have one melody and present it with that character or that emotion in the beginning. Progressively, add more melodies through the opera. Then at the end, before a climax, at the climax, somewhere, 3 or so of these melodies would then start to be sung at the same time, and sound really good! Leonard Bernstein decided he wanted to do 5 melodies at the same time, and then produced Tonight in the same fashion.

     So if you're ever presented with the idea that taking music from other sources, sometimes directly to the point of plagiarism, just know that it is most certainly not the first time it has happened, nor will it be the last. 

     Have a musical day! :D

(All right, I'm done with Hansy and Williams for a while. ;P)


  1. Anything with Hans Zimmer in it is gold. Simple as that.

  2. It was two comments before this one and now it's three! OMG it's.... 23!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kind of surprising something so similar caused no waves.

    Remember the stink of Dani California and Mary Jane's Last Dance? And they really were not even that similar.

    Although like with Ice Ice Baby, it seems you can attribute a writing credit to whoever you ripped off after the fact and get away with it.

  4. This blog looks solid, I am a huge fan of Han's Zimmer, and look forward to some great musical posts!

  5. I've literally just read an article about the new game! This guy seems amazing!

  6. Yep, Inception was also brilliant

  7. Excellent blog!

    ps.. Go back to my older posts and you will find all the stencils!

  8. Ah love Hanz Zimmer he makes the best movie music

  9. Hanz Zimmer is one talented man, I say.
    Following your blog!

  10. Movie without Music from Hans Zimmer? - No thanks ;-).

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  11. I really like when they do this stuff, makes you appreciate older music a bit more.