Saturday, January 21, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII

     Hey guys! You'll never guess what game I started playing. That's right, Fallout:New Vegas!

     Obviously just kidding. I got FF:XIII on Tuesday, and I've had mixed feelings about it. I've played (And beaten!) all the Final Fantasies, excluding Tactics Advance 2, 3, 4, (Or whatever that mix-up was. I stopped caring at some point), and the Crystal Chronicles.

     So the unfortunate part is that playing this game feels like a bad habit. I have to, because I've been conditioned to play Final Fantasy. You fall in love with the series, and you hope and dream it comes back to being amazing.

     As far as the game play, the biggest negative about it is that it's very linear. Being used to the exploring abilities of Final Fantasies, this took me by surprise. About half-way through the second disc is when it becomes a little less linear, but the element is still there. The combat system is done very well, it's one of the big positives.

     But now one of the cool parts, how beautiful the game is. It's not crazy graphic intensive, but it looks nice. The feel of the menu systems is hugely graphic oriented. When selecting through the menus, everything clicks and works seamlessly. Running around, the camera angles are off to the side just a little bit, it makes it seem like every close up can be used as a wallpaper. All of the environments are magical, more similar to X then XII.

     And now my favorite part: the music. I had heard some of the pieces on an internet radio, which initially interested me in the game, (I wasn't going to get it, but $20 nowadays is much more reasonable). Every piece makes me feel like I can use it and fall asleep to, and relax all day long with it. There's an even level of ambiance with just enough interest to keep me wanting to continue through the game, which works beautifully for the environment, making playing through the game is more of a relaxing experience. The idleness of being able to play this game is a nice change of pace.

     It's nontraditional in a normal sense of Final Fantasy, in that it wasn't what I expected, but if you're up for a new experience, check it out! $20 at Best Buy. ;)

Have a musical day!


  1. Fallout is great. Hahha. No, I actually read the full thing. Final Fantasy 8 sounds great. Haven`t yet played it myself, though.

  2. Agreeing with Kristjan, go go Fallout! but same here, haven't played any FF game at all actually.

  3. I'm the biggest fan of Final Fantasy. :)

  4. I never played FF. :S

  5. If you've never played an FF game, don't start with 13. Was so so so so so so so so so so soossososososo disappointed in it

  6. Its a neat game but I'm really looking forward to guild wars 2 when that comes out!