Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Mainstream" music.

     I don't want to sound self-serving here, (especially on a "hipster" basis), but I notice how I tend to gravitate towards things that aren't main stream, in basically any medium. (Except for Video games, I don't understand that one.) 

     Anyway, I think people who actually read books are in the same position. I feel like I'm actually pushed away from things like the Hunger Games because everyone is reading it. People who don't read books, are reading it. It's amazing how many people say, "Nah, I don't like books," or "Yeah, I read books. I read Harry Potter, right?," and then they read the next big book. Something similar happens with music.

     This might be my pretentiousness of being a musician, but people who's music library only consists of LMFAO and Breathe Carolina, there's something wrong. I remember reading on a blog one time, "Just because it's the way that everyone does it, doesn't mean it's the best way to do it,"(Steve Pavlina, I believe) and I think that can be applied to many situations.

     I'd venture to say the vast majority of people listen to music, and would say they enjoy music. They have the music they listen to, but just like reading the popular books of the time, listening to popular music of the time. I can't blame people for that, it's been the way of the world for God knows how long. But the point of this blog entry is to hopefully create a realization, that people are not exiting their comfort zone. 

     So I propose a challenge: exit your comfort zone. Listen to something new, something different. I believe I've found a direction for this blog, that music that's kind of hidden in the background. Of course there will be deviation, but the hope is to experience things, new music, like new foods.

     For the people who couldn't listen to the previous blog, here's a youtube video of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games".

Have a musical day!


  1. A good point, I share your opinion. People should experience more new things, even the simple ones, like listening to a style of music that you have never listened to before.
    I believe you can learn loads from experiences like that.

  2. I noticed that before you.

  3. Yeah I guess I share that view.

  4. Mainstream is slowly headed towards electronic music

  5. I listen to anything as long as it's not country music.

  6. I sort of do the same thing but for different reasons. I generally don't want to be associated with "that" crowd of people, rabid fans tend to scare me.

  7. I don`t really care wheather the book I read, songs I listen or series and movies I watch are popular or not. I like things that I consider good and it`s as simple as that.
    Something that I like getting popular - going mainstream - doesn`t bother me at all. Rather the opposite. I would like to see them doing good.
    By the way, I love the background of your blog.

  8. enjoying something different is the spice of life.

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